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Tuscaloosa Neighbors Together is a non-partisan 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that serves as a resource and coordinating body for the efforts of Tuscaloosa residents and neighborhood groups. Our goals are to preserve and enhance the quality of our neighborhoods. To accomplish these goals we serve as a clearinghouse for information for neighborhoods in our community. TNT researches plans, resolutions, ordinances, and legislation that affects neighborhoods in the Tuscaloosa area. We provide members information and education to help them advocate for their neighborhoods. TNT makes recommendations, when warranted, to appropriate city agencies. Ultimately, the goal of TNT is to make a positive contribution to Tuscaloosa through the betterment of our neighborhoods.  

Areas of focus and projects

Early Notifications and Public Participation

TNT continues to push for increased accountability and transparency in future developments thoroughout the city. Having made progress towards earlier and more expansive notification, TNT continues to pursue the goal of increased public participation through a mandatory meeting between the developers and local neighborhoods. Currently, TNT is investigating expanding participation models from other Alabama municipalities including Huntsville. 


Subdivision Regulations

TNT supports and highly encourages the revision of the current Subdivision Regulations especially in managing the storm run-off issues that plagued our city in 2010. 

Universal Recycling

After the April 27, 2011 tornado, it became necessary for the city to adjust its recycling program. TNT conducted a city-wide survey among its members and beyond to find out how our residents felt about same day curbside recycling and trash pickup. The results were very positive. This survey contributed to the passing of the Universal Recycling program in Tuscaloosa in the summer of 2011.



In 2011, we initiated these grants that can provide funds to TNT member neighborhoods for physical improvements, meeting expenses, landscaping, etc. The grant application can be found here.



Linda Parsons, President

Serena Fortenberry, Vice President

Joan Barth, Treasurer

John Earl, Secretary


Debra Brown, District 1

James Mize, District 2

Dan Lavender District 3

Ginny Raymond, District 4

Lib Davis, District 5

Tom Fanning, District 6

Susie Smith, District 7

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